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19 Supercool Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Water on an Empty Stomach

Posted by CleanWaterNow on 7/2/18

The consumption of water on an empty stomach is beneficial against some illnesses such as....

Drinking water immediately after waking up!

Posted by CleanWaterNow on 3/9/18

The consumption of water on an empty stomach is beneficial against some illnesses such as....

10 Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach Daily

Posted by CleanWaterNow on 3/9/18

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps flush your bowels, your colon, and clear any waste in your body. A glass of lukewarm water in the morning can regularize your bowel movement, help release toxins from the body via urine, increase appetite, and prevent headaches. Drinking 8 glasses of 8 oz water a day can raise your metabolic rate by at least 24% and energize you. It also helps you lose weight and boost immunity.

Benefits of Drinking a Glass of Water on an Empty Stomach

Posted by CleanWaterNow on 3/9/18

Our body is composed mainly of water: 75% – muscles, 90% – brain, 22% – bone and 83% of our blood is water. Understanding this means we must be aware of the importance of consuming water daily for good health and to protect the body from the many diseases that can harm it. Taking advantage of the benefits of drinking a glass of water for our body is something we should do every day, by only consuming 1-4 glasses of water on an empty stomach. What should you expect to gain from this?



Finally! A water filtration system for your kitchen counter top with 4 NSF certifications (42, 53, 58 & 401).

Revolutionizing the removal of bacteria, metals, foreign particles, pharmaceuticals and more.


The latest and greatest in the Natural Health Revolution joined the ranks of Zija products at Zija Summit 2017! Say hello to the Morclēr—a revolutionary home water filtration and purifying system. No plumbing or installation required!

Now more than ever, there is a need for clean, unpolluted water—and while water that comes from your tap may seem safe and drinkable, it can contain various pollutants that you never knew were there. That’s why Zija developed the Morclēr water purification system.

Zija’s Morclēr water purifier is the easiest way to positively impact your health, the health of your family, and the health of the environment. Your typical home’s tap water often contains heavy metals, bacterial components, foreign and suspended particles, and harmful toxins and contaminants that can have direct negative effects on your health. With Morclēr, you have the power to eliminate all those toxic variables and rest assured the water you and your family are consuming is safe.

Morclēr's unique six-stage water filtration and purifying system combines the power of reverse osmosis with Moringa’s cleansing properties to deliver clean, pure, drinkable water. This patent pending technology substantially reduces virtually all the toxic chemicals in your tap water. In fact, it’s so effective it can turn any tap water source into quality, better-than-bottled drinking water while providing great-tasting, pure water the whole family can safely enjoy—especially in combination with Zija’s great products like Core Moringa SuperMix, SmartMix, XM+, Premium and Daily Tea, and Ripstix Hydrate, Ignite, Recover, and Fuel!


*This Product Is Not Sold In Stores.

Ships only to US, Canada, and Australia.

Contact me and get a $100 OFF your purchase of the Morcler water filtration system.

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G. Haven Young

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Natural Health Revolution Founder


NSF-401 Certified

*(Click image below to see performance list)

Third-Party Certification

A filter earns 401 status if it's capable of filtering microbiological and pharmaceutical contaminants like bacteria, herbicides, and ibuprofen.


To check your local water quality, visit the website below



  • Zija is the first company to harness the power of Moringa’s cleansing properties in a commercial water filter.
  • Greatly improves the quality and taste of water
  • Raises and lowers the pH of water to a balanced, advantageous drinking water state
  • Provides an advanced, six-stage, state-of-the-art, pressurized water filtration and purifying system.
  • Morclēr has been independently tested and certified by IAPMO according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42, 53, 58, 401 (
  • Comes with a one-year limited warranty
  • Cost savings efficient (costs less than $4 per year to operate) and environmentally friendly
  • Limits water waste (compared to other RO systems or under the counter installations) with Morclēr’s patent pending recirculation RO system
  • One-touch water dispensing
  • Space saving and compact design
  • Quick and easy filter replacements—Morclēr automatically notifies users when each filter needs to be replace
  • Easy and intuitive installation—ready to use in less than 10 minute


*This Product Is Not Sold In Stores.

Ships only to US, Canada, and Australia.

Contact me and get a $100 OFF your purchase of the Morcler water filtration system.

Leave a message at (559) 549-3967

or send email to:

G. Haven Young

Independent Distributor of Zija International &

Natural Health Revolution Founder







The seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree have been prized for centuries for their ability to purify water. The ancient Egyptians used crushed Moringa seeds to clarify water—a tradition that has continued on in other cultures today. Purification (removal of heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances) and clarification (removal of suspended particles that cause the water to be cloudy) are vital steps in the cleansing process of the water we consume. Millions of people lack access to clean water, which puts them at risk of waterborne illness like diarrhea and cholera—a leading cause of death among children under the age of five.


In addition to its purifying capabilities, Moringa appears to have a balancing, advantageous effect on water pH. Most experts agree that drinking water should ideally be in the range of 6.5–8 pH (not too acidic or too alkaline), something that Morclēr has the ability to supply.


The average bottled-water-drinking household spends nearly $60 a month on single-use, environmentally harmful bottles. In total, over 73 billion half-liter bottles of water are consumed in the United States each year! Nearly 80% of these bottles end up in landfills and 1.6 million tons of plastic from bottled water is littered in lakes, streams, and roadways.


RO filtered water stays better, longer! Morclēr water can be left in the filtered tank (with the cover on), at room temperature, for a very long period of time since biological contaminants have been removed.


Of all the material tested over the years, powder processed from Moringa seeds has shown to be one of the most effective water clarifiers.


The human body tightly controls fluid pH and strives to maintain a pH between 7.35 and 7.45 for optimum well-being.


The human body is 75-80% water, with some key organs (brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys) near or above 75% water.


Every cell and organ in the human body depends upon proper hydration to function efficiently.


As part of the blood, water carries oxygen to the cells and organs.


Water serves to lubricate and cushion joints, regulate metabolism and body temperature, facilitate waste removal, support cell growth, and reduce the heart’s workload.


Standard fridge and pitcher filters are just that—filters. Morclēr not only removes simple chemicals like chlorine, but also purifies your water for a better tasting, pure experience.


Less than half of all the impurities that can be present in your tap water are regulated. Today, the EPA is monitoring another 300 items and still attempting to study and understand over 6,000 more!


Morclēr can be used with both well, lake, and stream water sources that have been treated and are microbiologically safe. *Water quality may affect filter life and replacement frequency.

*This Product Is Not Sold In Stores.

Ships only to US, Canada, and Australia.

Contact me and get a $100 OFF your purchase of the Morcler water filtration system.

Leave a message at (559) 549-3967

or send email to:

G. Haven Young

Independent Distributor of Zija International &

Natural Health Revolution Founder




Q: Does Morclēr remove minerals from drinking water?

A: Morclēr is intended first and foremost to remove contaminants from water to produce safe and pure water to drink. This effective purification process that maximizes contaminant removal also results in some mineral loss. However, drinking water is normally only a minor source of minerals. Instead the vast majority of minerals we obtain is through the food we eat. For years, even decades, large populations of people—including the U.S. Navy and NASA astronauts—have consumed water with few if any minerals (distilled or reverse osmosis water) without any reported harmful health effects. We also recommend adding SuperMix or SmartMix to your Morclēr water to improve mineral content.


Q: Does Morclēr affect the pH (alkalinity) of water?

A: Yes, depending on the source water filtered. Research using moringa seeds and real-world experiments with the Morclēr unit demonstrate that Morclēr produces water with a favorably balanced pH. The Morclēr unit is capable of raising or lowering pH depending on the unique qualities of the source water. Some water and water ionizer retailers have perpetuated reports that drinking high pH (alkaline) water is advantageous to health without sufficient scientific evidence to support these claims. The body’s homeostatic process tightly regulates body fluid pH and strives to maintain an ideal balance between 7.35 and 7.45 pH. The body relies on three primary mechanisms (buffering systems, respiration, and the kidneys) to completely control body pH regardless of the food and drink consumed. Your body is designed to buffer pH to maintain homeostasis and therefore it is desirable to drink water near the ideal range of 7.35 to 7.45 pH to limit the body’s buffering efforts. Morclēr normally produces water with a pH of 7 to 8.


Q: What is the difference between an alkaline ionizer and Morclēr?

A: Zija’s Morclēr is certified to remove contaminants like chlorine, herbicides, industrial solvent, lead, copper, chromium 6, fluoride, VOC, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Most Alkaline Ionizers are not certified to remove any contaminants, but simply change the PH balance in the water to a more alkaline state.


Q: What contaminants does Morclēr remove?

A: Morclēr is designed to remove all three types of water contaminants: organic, inorganic, and biological. All told, Morclēr is independently tested by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO; to remove over 78 contaminants.


Q: Does Morclēr remove fluoride?

A: Morclēr removes more than 90% of fluoride.


Q: What is the normal time to filter a gallon of water with Morclēr?

A: The average time to filter one gallon is 12 to 15 minutes. It will take more time the first time the unit is used and after replacing filters until the filters become saturated.


Q: Does Morclēr operate better using cool or warm water?

A: The reverse osmosis process will perform best with cool or cold water.


Q: How long do the Morclēr filters last?

A: The Pre-Carbon/Moringa Filter should be changed every 28 days, the VOC Filter every 12 months or 600 gallons (whichever occurs first), and the Reverse Osmosis Filter every 2 years or 1,200 gallons (whichever occurs first). Water quality may affect filter life and replacement frequency.


Q: Why is the Morclēr unit making a different noise than usual after installing new filters when filtering?

A: The noise the unit makes may change after installing new filters. This noise can improve as the new filters become saturated.


Q: How much water does Morclēr hold?

A: The tap water tank holds about 1 gallon (3.79 L) of water. The clean water tank holds about 3 quarts (2.8 L) of purified water.



Q: Does Morclēr water need to be refrigerated to prevent filtered water from collecting mold and bacteria?

A: It is not necessary to keep Morclēr filtered water refrigerated because Morclēr removes biological contaminants from water. As long as the lid is kept in place, the filtered water will remain free of airborne germs that could contaminate the water.

Q: How often should I clean the tanks of the Morclēr unit?

A: We recommend cleaning the water tanks once a week with warm soapy water and that you wash your hands before touching the inside of the water tanks to avoid contamination.


Q: What should I do with the leftover water after filtering?

A: This water—now with traces of Moringa—is best used to water house plants, lawn grass, gardens, or flower beds.


Q: How much energy does it cost to operate the Morclēr unit?

A: It costs about $1 per year to filter 2 full tanks each day, or $0.0013 USD per gallon.


Q:How does Morclēr affect water taste?

A: Morclēr removes total dissolved solids to a very desirable state near or below 100 ppm, which is a preferred TDS rating for preferred taste among most people.


Q: Can I use Morclēr with well, stream, or lake water?

A: Yes, as long as the water is pretreated first.


Q: Does Morclēr remove glyphosates (Round Up) from water?

A: Yes.


Q: Can pets drink Morclēr water?

A: Yes. Morclēr water is safe for pets to drink.



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